Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pea Green Show October 2015

The Pea Green show was held this past Saturday and as always was a lot of fun and hard work.  Now it's time to go back to the treasure hunt and prepare for March.  There was a steady flow of people, but the sales were down.  I heard some vendors complaining and others saying they did well, but you never really know.  As for me, sales were down about 40%.  Not good, but I still came out ahead, probably because I didn't take as much and sold a lot of smaller items. No complaints here, just grateful for the opportunity and the sales I did have.

These photos were taken before we opened.  I didn't get any pictures taken when it was all over.  I can tell you that it seemed like people were leaning toward the primitive items.  I sold every stool I had and a table that I painted.  I thought for sure the yellow shelf would sell, but I ended up bringing it back and putting it in my booth downtown.  I did not sell any skis or snow shoes.  Go figure....guess they're losing their mojo.  It seems that wooden boxes are still on the hot list.  I didn't have that many there, but sold all that I had. 'Til next next time......

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