Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Spot In An Old Building

Well, I said I would keep up with this blog better, but I guess I didn't do a very good job, since I don't even remember when my last post was.  I am here now and will really try to do better.

This year has not been a great one for me as far as picking goes.  Seems to be less auctions and when there is one, I can't afford anything.  If these people are dealers, they must not be making much on what they buy, because they spend a hell of a lot more than I would.  And, that right there is my problem.  I'm tight with my money.  I just can't bring my self to buy a vintage train case for $30.  That's more than what I usually sell them for.  I'm all about passing on good deals when I can find them.  Just because it's been hard this year, doesn't mean I haven't been trying.  In fact, I have rented an additional space in a local historical building.  It sat vacant for quite some time.  Every time I drove by it, I would wish that I could be the one to rent it and open it up to vendors, but since I have a regular job, it just wasn't possible.  I just couldn't bring myself to give up a perfectly good job.  Then, one day I drove by and lo and behold there was activity inside and I knew something was happening.  Later, I heard that someone was planning to do the same thing I wanted to do.  I was a little disappointed it wasn't me, but glad to hear that it would not be vacant anymore.  Since I was already renting a space in another town, I was reluctant to try another one, but the rent was reasonable and the spaces are good size, so what the heck.  I should at least be able to make I did it!  And, I'm glad I did.  The people are great, I'm having a great time and business is good!

Here are some photos of my space.  These are not partitioned off, so you can see into the spaces on each side.      

                           This is a picture of the wooden change jar that was sent on a cable to the office
                            upstairs.  It would be sent back down with your change when you
                            made a purchase.  It was a clothing store and I remember this when
                            I was a little girl.

This is all I have for now, but there is an auction this weekend.  Hope to find some good treasures to pass
along.  See you soon!

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