Sunday, March 3, 2013

The "Olde" Market Place "Country Tag Sale"

Well, the show I was telling you about is over now....thank goodness!  Boy, are they a lot of work, but sooo worth it.  Actually, this is the only one we do and it happens twice a year.  Anyway, it went well and we sold a lot of stuff.  In fact every piece of furniture we took sold....all to the same person, and that happened within the first hour.  We had to ask them to leave it until later in the afternoon, because they were our display pieces and we wouldn't have any place to put everything.  They had no problem with that.   I was worried I would forget the camera, so I threw it in the bag the night before and then after we were all set up and as they were opening the doors to let the long line of people in, I realized I hadn't taken any photos, so fumbled around to get the camera  and took them so quickly, I forgot to change the setting, so they are a little fuzzy.  I also took some after photos and they are better, but not much to see.

                                                        These are the before pictures

                                                        These are the after pictures

Everyone just loved that yellow kitchen cabinet.  It is very old and had metal drawers with porcelain knob handles.  My favorite thing is the gooseneck floor lamp with the fiberglass cone shades.  Ya just can't get more 50's than that.  I found it on a picking excursion buried in the corner of a shed.  Still in good working condition and I love the two tone shades.  Can't believe no one wanted to buy it.  Of course I had a high price tag on it, thinking I might want to keep it for a while.  It was a long day, but well worth the time and effort.  Time to start thinking about the next one coming up in October.  Wonder what we'll find between now and then!?

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