Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Yard Sale/Auction Finds

This is just a few of the things I have acquired at yard sales or auctions during the last couple of weeks, including an old suit case (love that luggage), an old black storage box, a stoneware spongeware spittoon, an old galvanized oil can, tinker toys, jewelry and a fishing chair.  It will be hard to part with the fishing chair, in fact I might not part with it at all.  Even though I haven't been fishing one time this year, it doesn't mean I  won't go next year.

The spittoon came from an auction.  I don't think they sell real well, but will be listed on Etsy any way.  And if it doesn't sell, I like it and will just keep it for a while.

I thought this jewelry was a great find.  The box with all of the jewelry came from a yard sale.  A great deal!  Only a couple of pieces are marked, but it's all in good condition and pretty.  It doesn't always matter if it's marked, or not.

 I'm not sure what this box was made to carry or hold, but it's pretty cool how it opens.  Top comes up, front goes down.  And I love the look.

I forgot about the tinker toys.  They came from an estate sale.  Not sure why I picked them up, probably because I like the way the can looks.

This is all for now, but there is plenty more to come if I ever find the time.  Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed. 

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